William McDonough + Partners, Architecture and Community Design

You’ve read the book. Now take a look at the man and his firm. William McDonough + Partners apply the Cradle to Cradle philosophy to buildings from academic facilities to factories. Following the lead of natural ecosystems, in which every element depends on......and benefits everything else, the firm’s designs aim not only to minimize ecological harm, but to actually benefit the environment. McDonough also recognizes that humans aren’t just a plague on the earth: we’re natural creatures who need a habitat, too, so the firm strives to blend nature and culture in community-sensitive developments (similar to the NRDC’s new building). With C2C coauthor Michael Braungart, McDonough formed the McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, a product and process design firm for implementing their better-than-no-harm philosophy. He won a 2004 National Design Award–Environment and Time Magazine named him a Hero for the Planet in 1999 – we second that! ::William McDonough + Partners [by KK]