Artist weaves delightful 'bio-sculptures' & animal habitats out of wood (Video)

Will Beckers
© Will Beckers

Art can be a bridge to understanding the profound mysteries and delight found in nature. We've seen this time and time again with environmental artists that work with natural materials and processes to establish a vital dialogue between us and the wider natural world, or also to prompt us into action. Dutch artist Will Beckers, also known as "Willowman," creates wondrous, site-specific "bio-sculptures" that act as temporary shelters, inviting viewers to explore their relationship with nature.

Will Beckers - Land Art Artist - The Willowman from will beckers on Vimeo.

Starting out as a traditional sculptor working with metal, Beckers branched out into the Land Art movement thanks to his interest in biodiversity and biomimicry. His installations are meticulously handwoven with supple branches that are usually taken directly on site, wrapping around various site elements to which he wants to draw the visitor's attention, while also providing extra habitat for other animal species.

Will Beckers© Will Beckers

Yet the pieces also seem to be organically alive themselves, as they take on forms of metamorphosis and flow. It's all part of a process where Beckers is "confronting Nature with her own materials."

Will Beckers© Will Beckers

Sometimes Beckers' pieces create entirely new inhabitable spaces where there once was none.

Will Beckers© Will Beckers
Will Beckers© Will Beckers
Will Beckers© Will Beckers

There's an educational aspect too to Beckers' works; young and old alike are encouraged to engage with them, providing an element of wonder and magic to the outdoor experience. For more images of Will Beckers' inspiring works, check out his website.

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