Wild Journeys: Sierra, March/April 2007


While those of us in the Midwest wouldn't necessarily think so, Spring is approaching! That means different things for different people, but for most treehuggers, getting outside is high on the list of priorities. The newest issue of Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club, anticipates our yearning for the outdoors with a selection of feature articles devoted to landscapes both breathtaking and endangered. Writer Edward Readicker-Henderson details his trip to Greenland, "the locus of [his] childhood dreams," and reports on the changes imposed on this fabled land by global climate change. Daniel Duane's journey to Maui doesn't contain any ice, but does look at another environmental challenge: the damage wrought to the native ecosystem by feral pigs and goats, as well as other invasive species. Backpackers have a range of wild journeys from which to choose as Sierra Club experts discuss some of their favorite destinations. Finally, poet Gary Snyder reminisces on five decades of experience with fire control in the Northwest US.Beyond these features, Sierra offers readers a wealth of information for inspiration and action in the magazine's regular departments. Marilyn Berlin Snell profiles "walking man" John Francis, who's devoted a significant portion of his life to promoting and practicing foot-powered transportation. Reed McManus talks to Sun Microsystem's Vice President of eco-responsibility Dave Douglas about the challenges and opportunities that exist for making computer data centers more energy efficient. And "The Green Life" takes brief looks at "punk gardening" and eating local in Minnesota.

A subscription to Sierra is one of the many benefits that comes with a membership in the Sierra Club. ::Sierra, March/April 2007