Why The Word Sustainable is Becoming Unsustainable

The word "sustainable" was a buzz word back in 2006, was turned into a 1000-word manifesto by 2007, and by 2009 Lloyd was asking whether the term sustainable was already over.

Recently Lloyd and I have joined the ranks of greenies wondering whether "resilience" has more relevance than sustainability.

Is there something to all this navel gazing, or are we getting hung up on semantics?

Web comic geniuses XKCD just delivered an amusing salvo on why sustainability is becoming irrelevant, and it comes largely down to overuse and fuzziness. head on over to XKCD for more graphical musings on the absurdities of modern life—sustainable or otherwise.

Why The Word Sustainable is Becoming Unsustainable
Sustainability is losing its meaning. Here's why.

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