Why We Love Cities: Rooftop Films


Cities have the density and numbers to support all kinds of activities. Where in most of North America the small cinemas have closed and the drive-ins are dying under the onslaught of the DVD and download, in cities there are enough people to support a film festival that "supports, creates, promotes, and shows daring short films worldwide and in a weekly summer rooftop film festival." on rooftops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is "a collective collaboration between filmmakers and festivals, between audience members and artists, between venues and neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a vibrant independent filmmaking community that bridges cultural boundaries. At Rooftop Films, we bring the underground outdoors."

Cities are the engine that drives such creativity, that invents activities that bring people together without moving them all in cars into air conditioned sheds. Where else could this happen? ::Rooftop Film Festival starts Friday, June 8. via ::PSFK

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