Why the Filthy Rich Aren't Green: 7 Habits of Highly Inefficient People

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Oh how we love to hate the filthy rich--even more so in these tough economic times. While the rest of us mere mortals are struggling to make ends meet, the hyper-rich live by the motto "if you've got it, flaunt." And they DO! Jet-setting with their globe-trotting lifestyles, multiple homes, fleets of gas-guzzling cars, private planes, and excessive toys designed only for the elite. As for climate control and environmental concerns--ignorance is bliss! Some super-rich are too busy indulging to stop and measure (or even worry) about their carbon footprint. Here are seven eco-sinners we'd like to see green up their act ASAP.

1. David Beckham and his Carbon Footprint

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Soccer's mega-star gets a red card on the green front. Becks' over-the-top fabulous-ness earned him yet another honor: the world's largest carbon footprint, according to Carbon Trust, a green group based in the UK. Just Becks' lifestyle alone puts out a staggering 163 tons of carbon dioxide. In 2007 Becks flew 250,000 miles--jetting off to play soccer games worldwide and fulfill his advertising contracts. Add to that his wife's seemingly daily travels to different shopping locales worldwide and you get one hefty carbon footprint. Besides their penchant for private planes and endless globe-trotting escapades, Becks and Posh also fuel multiple estates as well as 15 vehicles, including a Hummer, an Aston-Martin, 2 Ferraris, and a Lamborghini. Plus, let's not forget Posh's artificial enhancements...destined to end up and slowly decompose in some lucky landfill.

2. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the World's Largest Private Jet

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The Saudi Prince is worth an estimated $17 billion. Besides being the 20th richest person on the planet, he now owns the world's largest private jet. Nicknamed "the Palace in the Sky," the A380 jumbo-jet has over 6,400 square feet of floor space. Although the Prince won't get his winged mansion until 2010, it's sure to be tricked out with all the latest gadgets. For now, the Prince has to be satisfied to play aboard his 282-foot yacht, or cruise around in one of his 300 cars, or simply roam the halls of his 317-room palace. But let's not totally trash his rep--the Prince is a charitable guy. A favorite cause is funding centers of American studies. Now, if he'd only be inspired to fund a little green 101.

3. Madonna and Her High-Maintenance Tours

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Green means money for Madame M. She tries hard to convince us she's part of the über-trendy green club by spewing environmental speak and headlining Live Earth--but don't be fooled by Mother Madonna. Take her recent Sticky & Sweet tour which earned $280 million. The 45-date tour--which included flights to 37 venues in just under four months--reportedly racked up more than 1, 635 tons of carbon pollution in travel alone--Madonna's toll was 95 tons of carbon in just private jets, according to the Telegraph UK. The singer employed an on-the-road team of 250, including 12 seamstresses, 16 caterers, nine wardrobe assistants, a personal trainer, and masseuse. Not to mention the four freezers, solely used for ice packs to soothe the singer and her dancers' aches. Plus, her annual $100,000 buying sprees on bottled water has most Greenies already seeing red.

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