Why New Yorkers Are So Green

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Could it that New Yorkers are so green because they all live close together? Could it be that they walk and take public transportation like it's going out of style? Could it be the plethora of vegan and organic eateries? Maybe. Or could it just be that this is one city that can't afford not to?According to an article in the New York Daily News, New Yorkers pay the highest electricity rates of anyone in the US. That's right, higher than people in remote areas and higher than the rest of us who generically complain that our electric bills are just too high. (Close the fridge, kids!) In fact, New Yorkers pay 59.1% more on average for their electricity and 34.2% more for natural gas than the average US city. Per kilowatt, New Yorkers pay 21 cents compared with the 13 cent average for most major US cities. Yikes!

One reason for the disparity: the fact that most cities use mainly coal for their electricity, while New York City relies on natural gas and oil, using only 13% coal in the mix. In addition, New York is remote compared with the natural gas wells where their energy is coming from and that transmission to the plant and then to homes and businesses costs money.

If you know you're paying more than everyone else for electricity, then absolutely it pays to unplug all appliances, turn out lights, use CFLs or LEDS and even consider going solar. In case you need a few energy efficiency tips to help cut down on your electric bills, we have some advice: You can look into getting renewable energy. If you're fortunate enough to have A/C, you could consider (gulp) turning your AC down. Of course you could also get your home ready for winter, a time when bills can be particularly high. :New York Daily News
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