Why is "Science is Real" by They Might Be Giants So Popular Now? (Video)

I happened upon this great music video for kids, "Science is Real" making its way up the Most Popular list on Reddit. It's by the alt rock band They Might be Giants, famous for their 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)' tune and the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle. Anywho, it piqued my curiosity. Why was such a simple, cutesy concept -- that was released over a year ago -- drawing so much attention (and so many up votes) in a huge, relatively sophisticated internet community? Watch the vid, and you tell me. Perhaps the need for such a forthright reminder has reached something of a peak -- there's all sorts of slightly crazy, science-rebuking stuff in the air these days: A growing opposition to vaccines, the crusade against stem-cell research, the omnipresent frowning upon evolution, and the escalating resistance to climate change (a scientific theory supported by a vast majority of scientists working in the field). And of course, there's that creationist theme park, replete with dinosaurs, opening in the south.

In other words, it's high time for a reminder that science is real. Hell, a few regular TreeHugger commenters would do well to watch the video ...

With so much ideology swirling around, and polarized political bickering having hit a sort of an apex -- often overpowering and confounding the recommendations of science in the process -- it's really no wonder people find this video's message so important.

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