Why Grinches are Green: The Carbon Footprint of Christmas

The Institute of Physics and the National Post studied the CO2 load of various Christmas related activities: Listening to Carols Opening your front door for the duration of one carol lets out 10 cubic metres of air. Heating that air back to room temperature takes 72 watts. With 11.5 million households in Canada that means 159 tonnes of CO2 are generated.

Cooking Turkeys a 4.5 Kg turkey cooking for 3 hours 20 minutes in an oven using 800 watts per hour in 3.9 million Canadian ovens generates 2,665 tonnes of CO2.


Driving to inlaws Some families drive a long way; Others don't, but lets say a 100 Km drive in a Ford Focus is the norm. thats 145,964 tonnes of of CO2 across the country.

So stay in bed, walk to Grandma's house, eat Kelly's Lasagna and don't watch Christmas Specials on TV. (5,038 tonnes of CO2 at 85 watts for 11.5 million households) ::National Post