Why the Green Movement Needs Women's Voices (Video)

New Society Publishers team photoPeak Moment TV/Video screen capture

From Alex Wilson's Your Green Home; James Howard Kunstler's Long Emergency; Starhawk's Empowerment Manual or Dan Price's Radical Simplicity, New Society Publishers have long been at the forefront of disseminating ecological consciousness and new ways of thinking about our role on this planet.

But what's the story of the publishing house itself?

Janaia Donaldson of the ever-excellent Peak Moment TV sat down with Judith Plant, founder, and her team for a wide-ranging discussion about the company's roots in the bioregional movement, and how it was born out of a frustration that women's voices in particular were going unheard—even among progressives dedicated to deep social change.

The world has changed a lot since those early days, and in many ways New Society has found mainstream culture catching up to the topics it addresses. But as the crises we face get ever deeper, the need for cutting edge thought and conscious action remains as strong as ever.

I'm glad to have these folks out there doing what they do. And I'm delighted to have Janaia seeking them out.

Why the Green Movement Needs Women's Voices (Video)
A pioneer of green book publishing explains how she got started, and why providing a platform for women's voices was central to her mission of building a better world.

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