Who's The Greenest Of Them All: A Question For Our US Readers


Who would you most want to take the visionary lead in the US Congress on matters of the environment? Could your vote make the difference? There are plenty of places to research individual Congressional candidate endorsements and positions. For example, Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) has posted its slate of endorsed candidates for the U.S. Congress here. The best non-partisan web site we've seen for exploring a national candidate's past votes on matters of the environment is "OnTheIssues." Let's think beyond the outcome of the fast-approaching US mid-term election. Who, ideally, among US Congressional office holders and their registered opponents, would be the most visionary, the most principled fighter, the most practical leader that you, our readers, think would set a good example for the rest of Congress or for Federal Agencies? Regardless of whether your Congressional "green hero" could directly represent your district, add your comments: let us know who you would most want to lead Congress into shaping the environmental future. Want some examples of past leaders to compare with? On the Democratic side we were thinking of Gaylord Nelson , whose photograph is shown above. On the Republican side, William D. Ruckelshaus, shown next to the plane, comes to mind.