Who Killed the Electric Car?

Chris Paine's movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" is one of the latest DVD releases in a wave of documentaries on environmental issues, following "the 11th hour" and Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". The film, which has been described in the New York Times as a murder mystery and a call to arms, makes use of the voices of Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson, who were both electric car drivers themselves.

Paine's film (read some quotes by Paine on Treehugger) investigates the events leading to the quiet destruction of thousands of new, radically efficient electric vehicles. Through interviews and narrative, the film paints a picture of an industrial culture whose aversion to change and reliance on oil may be deeper then its ability to embrace ready solutions.

Chris Paine's documentary feature film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006 and has won many nominations and awards, including being nominated by the Writer's Guild for Best Documentary of 2006, nominations from The Broadcast Critics Awards and The Environmental Media Awards for Best Documentary of 2006.

Its critical acclaim, subject and good reviews have certainly tantalised our 'green curiosity' and we would be very interested to find out what you thought of it if you've seen the film... or find out here how to get hold of a copy of your own.