Which Books Have Inspired You?


In a recent Ecologist article, Doug Tompkins, the founder of North Face and Esprit, credits Deep Ecology: Living as if the Earth Mattered as the book that led to his ‘green’ epiphany. Since reading the seminal text in the mid-80s, Tompkins has purchased enough land to create the largest private nature reserve in the world. The result of his efforts, Pumalin Park, encompasses 800,000 acres of wilderness in Chile that stretches from the Corcovado Gulf in the South Pacific to the Andean border with Argentina. Although most of our readers probably don’t have the spending power to mimic Tompkins’ actions, we are curious to know which books have inspired you to live as if the earth mattered. Leave a comment, and you might help provide a source of inspiration for the next Doug Tompkins.