Where Some Games Plunder, Trash Tycoon Stands Apart

Trash Tycoon title screen

Image: Trash Tycoon has officially launched on Facebook!
Trash Tycoon is a new Facebook game from Guerillapps that promotes recycling and helping your city go green. While it's easy enough to claim such values, how does Trash Tycoon actually dynamically enact that aesthetic goal? Well, whereas most Real-Time-Strategy games and Facebook games focus on taking your resources from the earth, in Trash Tycoon all of your resources come from recycled sources. Let's take Empires and Allies by Zynga, for example. In order to acquire resources and progress, players must mine the Earth for minerals, cut down trees for lumber, and even drill for oil. Of course this gesture of primary resource collection is a genre characteristic of many top down strategy games--it can also be seen in Blizzard's immensely popular WarCraft and StarCraft titles.

EAA (trashtycoon)

Image: Screenshot: Resource collection in Zynga's Empires and Allies.

In contrast, players in Trash Tycoon sort through trash piles and run down houses to collect recyclable plastics, paper, glass, and organic waste. And, even after the initial cleanup of the city is completed, they continue to employ quality waste management tactics--by collecting garbage from renovated homes and reopened stores--to replenish their resource stockpiles.


Image: Screenshot: Tidying up some trash piles in Trash Tycoon.

With their stockpiles of secondary, recycled resources, Trash Tycoon players can craft a vast array of amazing items at their upcycling plants. Aside just being recycled goods, these items keep with the green theme; players can make windmills, flowers, and recycling bins at their production facilities. These new products can then be sold or placed as decorations in the city to positively impact it's "Greenness" level.

Trash Tycoon 3

Image: Trash Tycoon screenshot: A nice green and clean city!

Trash Tycoon is a "green" game in more than just words and graphics. It actively encourages players to make their city more eco-friendly through the processes of collecting, recycling, and reusing resources. Trash Tycoon deviates from genre standards and proposes a new sort of interaction with the world we inhabit, where primary resources are not the only road to success.

Visit Trash Tycoon on Facebook to start cleaning your own city today!

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