“Where the Hell is Matt?" Viral Video Series Reminds Us What We're Fighting For

where the hell is mattMatt Harding via YouTube/Video screen capture

There's something about Matt Harding's viral videos that makes you smile and shiver at the same time -- smile because he is just so appealingly cheerful. And shiver because of the striking beauty of his shots.

If you are unfamiliar with Dancing Matt, this globetrotting backpacker has his own special odd little dance -- which he does all over the world, more-often-than-not in front of startlingly beautiful natural wonders.

Once he does it standing on a rock caught between two cliffs in Norway -- empty sky below him. Another time he's observed by two turtles, on the Galapagos Islands. Then there's one on the rusty red dunes of Nimbia.

Now Matt has a new “Where the Hell is Matt?” video. Discovery Life reports,

Dancing Matt has been out of the spotlight for the past few years, but he’s back in full dancing force with “Where the Hell is Matt? 2012″, a new video where he dances with locals in Namibia, France, Slovenia, the Gaza Strip, the Philippines, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand, Texas, Japan, and Estonia (to name just a few).

With a few goofy moves, Matt reminds us how lucky we are -- and zeros in on what we need to protect.

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“Where the Hell is Matt?" Viral Video Series Reminds Us What We're Fighting For
Globetrotting backpacker Matt Harding often pairs his crazy happy dance with natural wonders around the world -- and now he has a new video.

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