Where Does Our Recycling Go?, Dangers of PVC Yoga Mats, Organic Denim, and More

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Green Girls Global: Where does my recycling go? by Katie Fewings
"It feels so virtuous putting the paper in the recycling box rather than chucking it in the bin (I hesitate every time I put something in the bin these days - asking myself if there’s anything else I can do with the item dangling over the waste abyss… or whether the god of recycling is about to strike me down!)."Green Options: Yoga: The Union of You and the Planet by Simran Sethi and Sarah Smarsh
"The majority of yoga mats are manufactured in Taiwan and made of poly-vinyl chloride, or PVC. PVC makes a great mat due to its grip, durability and price point. But, unfortunately, there is no safe way to create, use or destroy these mats."

Groovy Green: Composting Organic Materials in a City by Matt Mayer
"In my city our local waste management group picks up big plastic containers (which I call a Yardy) of yard waste material. This can be branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc. (Unbeknownst to my neighbors, I also pick up yard materials from their yardies, but that’s a different story…)"

Huffington Post: Saving the Planet? Or Keeping it Livable by Graham Hill
"Let's face it, it's not about saving the planet. The planet is going to be just fine without us. The bigger question is will we be able to live on it for a while, and will be we be able to do so without a whole lot of pain? This is definitely a Save Ourselves situation."

Smart Planet: Trousers London: gorgeous but expensive organic men's jeans by Adam Vaughn
"Feelgood organic jeans are hardly new... but new label Trousers London takes the biscuit for style. It's just launched four different men's designs in a limited edition run of 600 pairs, each available for £180 a pop. Yep, £180 -- ow! Even by Kuyichi standards, that's pricey. Keep reading to see if the designs are worth your hard-earned"

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