When Your Blind Date Picks You Up in a Hummer...

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You're interested in the longevity of the planet and do all you can to reduce the size of your carbon footprint. But when it comes to anthropological courtship rituals - the mating dance you do to snag a lifelong companion, or just a date - is there room for compromise? Should you shrug off your otherwise undying devotion to Mother Earth just for a chance to score with that oh-so-fetching barista behind the counter at Starbucks? No, lads and lassies! You can have it all - your enviro values *and* that titillating (not to mention stimulating - a popular word these days) rendezvous with Cara Cappucino or Larry Latte.

We're here to help. Just take our "How Green is My Love Life?" quiz and you should be set, from what you wear on your first date and the box of chocolates you deliver, to the kind of mattress you, er, enjoy and the best way to keep the Earth's population in checkā€¦if you know what I mean.

Take the quiz, and then use one of our e-Valentine cards and challenge your friends to take it, too.

Bottom line: Your heart can be red AND green.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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