When You Move, Do You Take Your CFLs With You?

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Moving isn't necessarily the most environmentally-friendly activity. Granted, moving from a sprawling house in the suburbs into a smaller, more efficient home in the city can be a step in the right direction, there are plenty of ways to fall off the green wagon if you will. Trying to sort and recycle and donate everything, rather than just making a huge pile of unwanted items in your yard and lighting it on fire, takes a lot of work, and more often than not it's easier to just give up and trash everything. So we ask you dear reader, and particularly for those of you planning on moving in the very near future, when you move, do you take your CFLs with you?You may ask why this is even a question, but as a friend who is moving recently asked, is it better to share the wealth or save a few bucks? CFLs aren't cheap, so leaving them at your former residence means that you have to go out and purchase all new bulbs for your new digs. Depending on how many fixtures you have outside the house, in the kitchen, over your bathroom vanity and just around the house in general, this could easy get into the double and triple digits in price. For someone low on cash after a recent move, that might not be possible.

If you take the bulbs, do you then go out and purchase some cheap incandescent bulbs? Or do you leave all of the slots empty? Or is it better to give rather than to receive in this instance, and thus better to spend a little to save the planet, thus leaving the bulbs for the future tenants? What if you leave the bulbs and the new tenants can't get used to that slow, less brilliant color that your CFLs give off? What if you leave your expensive bulbs and the new tenants trash them, not realizing that they are dumping mercury in the garbage? Ahh, what is an eco guy or gal to do? If you were (or are) moving, what would you recommend? Take the chance that the new tenant likes the CFLs (or if they've never used them before, that they take a liking to them and purchase CFLs down the road as well) or do you save a few bucks and take those bulbs with you?

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