When Short, Sharp Showers Were an Athletic Event

Short Sharp Shower photoDo The Green Thing/Video screen capture

A while ago I penned a popular post on the Navy Shower. But I've never really found out whether it was my incredibly insightful writing, or the fact I managed to fit "hardcore", "shower" and "navy" in the title of one blogpost.

So let's try this again. This time with a video from Doing The Green Thing on the long lost athletic event of the short, sharp shower:

Short Sharp Showering was a sport that blossomed in Britain following World War 2, but is little known these days, it’s heroes forgotten, it’s epic highs and lows confined to history. Ben Walker, member of the All England Short Sharp Shower team in 1947, looks back at a sport largely unknown in the modern era.

Obviously, this is all a little tongue-in-cheek (yes, I am trying to increase SEO performance with use of the words "tongue" and "cheek" and "shower"), but it is still a useful reminder that conservation doesn't have to mean fancy technology or intricate design. Shorter showers, skipping showers or (gasp!) peeing in the shower are all no-cost options open to all of us for looking after our precious water resources.

And I reject any allegation that references to peeing and showers were for weirdo SEO purposes only.

When Short, Sharp Showers Were an Athletic Event
Once upon a time, sporting heroes competed to see how fast they could clean themselves.

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