"When The Oil Runs Out" - A Sadly Relevant Punk Rock Classic (Video)

Punk Rock Peak Oil imageGaudd/Video screen capture

From the IEA's dire warnings about peak oil to business leaders claiming that peak oil could dwarf our current financial crisis, the idea that we can't keep relying on cheap fossil fuels to run our already faltering economy has gained considerable traction in recent years.

But much like Matthew's lament on the tragically repetitive groundhog day that is COP17, it's worth remembering that we've known (or at least should have known) for a very, very long time that oil will not last forever and that designing systems that can thrive in a post-oil era is simply a case of common sense.

Take this little punk rock number that someone just posted on youTube called When The Oil Runs Out. On first hearing, I assumed it was a musical soundtrack to the Occupy movement that was connecting the dots between energy volatility and our present economic predicament. But it turns out that it predates Occupy Wall St by a good quarter of a century.

Recorded in 1980 by punk/post-punk trouble makers The Newtown Nurotics, it is a relevant and timely song for the challenges we still face. I just hope that when my kids are my age they'll not find it as poignant as I do.

"When The Oil Runs Out" - A Sadly Relevant Punk Rock Classic (Video)
Punks were singing about the end of cheap oil back in 1980. What the hell have we been doing since then?

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