When Holiday Cards Go Overboard

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Holiday cards are beginning to arrive in mailboxes, and from the brightly colored envelopes come cards of various levels of intricacy. Some cards can be pretty elaborate, with pop-up scenes and laser-cut layers that create wintery designs.

And some are just flat out excessive. In general, holiday cards are a sweet sign of love but are also a huge waste. From the paper, ink, and water used to create them, to the fossil fuels used up and emissions spewed out in transporting them from factories to stores to homes to post offices to homes, a whole lot of resources go into making something that gets looked at, smiled at, then tossed.

If someone is hell-bent on sending out holiday cards, we typically suggest DIYing them. But even DIYing cards can cause WAY more waste than necessary – especially when you try to emulate those excessively elaborate cards.

An example of that is this DIY 3D LED-lit greeting card.

It is a super cool project if you plan on keeping it and using it as your Christmas tree, especially the LED light part. And since it folds up, it can be easily stored as a year-to-year decoration. It is a neat learning experience, a fun parent-kid quality time project, and a low-impact tree replacement.

But it is a massive waste if you plan on actually mailing these out to people, as it is suggested by the kit's creators.

If you plan on sending out greeting cards, consider video e-cards, making cards out of scrap paper stashed in your home, recycling last year's cards, or buying recycled-paper cards from organizations that care about the environment.

Via Instructables
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