When Eco-Celebrities Lose Their Way

Anyone else seen a trend of eco-celebs with inexplicable priorities, starting when Robert Kennedy Jr. came out against the Cape Wind project? Mid-summer of 2006 we read of Hollywood green celebs protesting against an offshore liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal proposal for the Malibou area. [California can no longer import power from coal plants that do not meet California natural gas fired plant-performance standards; it gets most of it's power from natural gas; in-state demand is increasing.] Now this. From the Daily Press: - "Erin Brockovich does not want to smell someone else's waste. She bets Hinkley does not want to, either. The famed consumer advocate, who helped Hinkley residents fight Pacific Gas & Electric Co. in the 1990s, has decided to join Hinkley's latest battle against a proposed Nursery Products composting site".It would be nice to end this post on an optimistic note— so as not to sound like a radio talk show host, or at least to say something that would help keep any 'green fish' out of their respective barrel(s), ready for the hosts' convenient shooting, so to speak.

Here's the best generic advice we can think of for our errant "Eco-Celebs". Know that old adage "Think Globally, Act Locally?" Make sure to spend plenty of time on the "Think" aspect first. Credence is a limited resource shared by all.

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