Wheel of Fortune Went Green(ish)

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Take a spin and buy a vowel on Wheel's "green week" Photo via: Flickr/pds319

"Get eco-friendly with Wheel!" That was the call to action from the producers of Wheel of Fortune about last week's theme. The set featured big green letters that spelled: Going Green. Vanna's blog offered eco-friendly tips like: take shorter showers and the show gave the lucky contestant a new Honda Civic Hybrid. But Pat Sajak must have been gritting his teeth all five days.
The game show's promotional blurb stated: "Wheel of Fortune is going green in all ways! While showering these contestants with loads of cash, they're also handing out vacations to beautiful lush locations! Conserve your energy for this wild week of shows!"

Seaworld is lush? A "green" Wheel is wild? I'd like to buy an Oh!" Maybe there were climate change styled clues, like "scientist warning" and the green board featured puzzles like: Gl b l W m ng

Vanna, the world's most frequent clapper (some 28,080 times a season), did post H2O saving ideas on her blog:

I've always appreciated the environment, and in recent years I've paid even more attention to my impact on its well-being. There is so much that all of us can do to help out, and you know what? It's pretty simple! From buckling your seat belt before you start the ignition to reusing plastic bags I found some easy ways to conserve water on Be Water Wise.

Hate to quibble, but not sure how buckling seat belts help the environment and recycling plastic bags? How about reusable bags? Actually, she's way ahead of Sajak.

The host and former blogger for Human Events, "Headquarters for the Conservative Underground" and home to Ann Coulter, Sajak wrote a few pieces just over a year ago, expressing his views about "Man-made Global Warming," such as "Is it Just Me, or Is it Warm in Here?" Here's a taste from one of his postings:

I'm sure this U.N. panel is made up of highly scientific men and women with no political or social agendas, but I find it amazing there can be such unanimity of opinion among them about the cause of this latest warming of the Earth. I use the word "latest" because, of course, the Earth has been alternately heating up and cooling down throughout its history and well before SUVs threatened to destroy the planet.

Maybe Sajak has changed his anti-eco mind. Maybe not, if that was the extent of Wheel "going green." This week they're off to Seaworld.

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