Steampunk Wheel House features tiny living with a circus twist (Video)

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Exemplified by successful companies like Montréal's Cirque du Soleil, the flair and magic of contemporary circus has made an indelible mark on our collective imagination. Often employing an avant-garde aesthetic, emphasizing narrative alongside feats of skill, and usually no animals, contemporary circus acts can touch on many different subjects.

British performance collective Acrojou tackles the phenomenon of thinking big but living small in an act that features a delightful "wheel house" that literally rolls around. Check out their gorgeous performance:

Acrojou, 'The Wheel House' from Acrojou on Vimeo.

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Formed in 2006 by Jeni Barnard and Barney White, The Wheel House is but one of the acrobatic pair's six performances that combine circus, theatre and design, which have already been seen by over 60,000 people in nine countries.

The hand-built house -- which looks like two giant Cyr wheels stuck together and made inhabitable -- features quaint, nautical-inspired details like operable doors, windows and even a kitchen. A hidden speaker system plays atmospheric soundtrack to accompany their activities.

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Acrojou© Acrojou

Measuring only 0.8 m deep and 2.15 m tall (2.6 feet and 7 feet), The Wheel House drifts around on a metaphorical journey, as the couple climb and twist around this impossibly small space with grace, in a poetic simulacrum of daily life, affection and partnership. Audiences are able to witness and walk around the structure as it rolls around.

Acrojou© Acrojou

Playing on themes of exploration, cooperation and the boundless nature of the human imagination, this poetic piece of visual theater tells beautiful stories within its circular universe. Acrojou's Wheel House and other acts are available for booking, please check out Acrojou's site for more information.

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