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There has been endless discussion of the the outcome of the COP15 conference. Here is another positive note (book) from the group This Place09. It is an art and Twitter project that sought to convey personal thoughts about climate change to the delegates at the conference so that they could understand how the public felt about the importance of the issue. ThisPlace09 put all the tweets about the impact of climate change that they received together in the form of a small booklet.

Over 5,000 books were delivered to the conference and they accomplished their goal: they reckon that 15% of the delegates received a copy. They have also sent out an e-book and it is as charming as it is effective. Take a look for yourself.

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The project was geared towards the "people in the middle"; those who want practical solutions but are not had-core demonstrators and activists. The book is a reflection of its participants. It highlights the local, the personal and the immediate impacts of climate change.

The "authors" says that they want to spread a bit of empathy amongst regular people. The book is certainly a touching and beautiful response to that goal.

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The entries are poignant and the art by illustrators from around the world is spectacular. The little booklet itself is about 4" by 6", a very small and friendly size. It was created in association with Art and Things Magazine and Diy WOMP. The last page urges readers to pass it along to the next person with a message about what's worth saving.

Congratulations to ThisPlace 09 for creating such a lovely piece of eco-art and net ephemera.

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