What would your perfect t-shirt be like? - a Better Thinking project


Now here’s a challenge and music to our ears: ‘our journey making a product that's 100% sustainable and socially sound’.
This product is the perfect t-shirt. Well, they are not making t-shirts, it’s about a project which ‘exists because we want to set a challenge and a standard to businesses and industry, to share knowledge of best practice, to engage as many people on the street with the issues as we can and to end up with more than blue sky thinking at the end of it all’. A web site is part of the perfect t-shirt project by better thinking (an ethical branding consultancy), Howies (low-impact clothing specialist) and Kate Fletcher (eco textile & fashion designer).
You can have endless fun and be truly challenged by getting involved on their forum: How should the perfect t-shirt be made; supporting developing communities or locally using renewable energy? How should it close the loop; every lasting or recyclable or ? How much would you sacrifice to have your t-shirt 100% sustainable? Should it be eco labelled? …
On their blog they share their knowledge about everything to do with t-shirts: the impacts of the laundrette on your t-shirt (85%!), Ecoballs (I find them very sexy thinking), pesticides, why hemp sucks,…
So don’t be shy Treehuggers and tell them about your ::perfect t-shirt Thanks Cate for the tip.