What Would Jesus Buy? Did you miss the movie on the big screen?


If you missed What Would Jesus Buy, the satirical documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize me) that follows Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping on their magical mystery biodiesel tour across the U.S., don't fret! The DVD came out on May 27th with a special deal for Treehugger readers. You can order the DVD here: http://www.aaadvdstore.com/WWJB.html. TH Code: WWJB
Although there are some movies you may only want to see in a theater--Sex and the City, the recent Indiana Jones movie, come to mind—WWJB? is the kind of movie that is perfectly pleasant to curl up to at home, or to watch on your laptop during a long flight.

WWJB? was released during the holiday season to coincide with the main mission of the movie: to save Christmas from commercialization, stop incessant shopping, and curb over-consumption. Reverend Billy (Bill Talen), or "the Rev" as he is called fondly by his followers, tries to save us all from the Shopocalypse (the end of mankind from consumerism) and the fires of eternal debt.

Since 1999, Reverend Billy has gone from being a preacher with a street pulpit to becoming the leader of the Stop Shopping Choir and national movement of "buy nothing" or at least the movement of "think before you buy". If you must buy, can you do it in a way that supports fair wages, fair trade, or community-owned businesses? At TH we like to call it "Buy Nothing Day(ngerous to the planet)", and encourage people to buy organic, local, reusable, carbon credits, solar panels, CSA subscriptions, what have you.

The Rev uses humor and song to remind us that we've lost the true meaning of giving. If he gets us laughing and then gets us thinking, all the better.

Reverend Billy traverses some hallowed ground: Wal-Mart headquarters, the Mall of America, and Disneyland. Along the way, funniness ensues. Like when Reverend Billy pauses while filling up his tour bus with biodiesel to get down on his knees and pray, and from a nearby 24 wheeler, a trucker peers at him as if he has just seen a UFO.

It may be difficult to think of Christmas in June, but Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping should be of interest to anyone uncomfortable with the consumerism threatening to swallow this holiday. As Billy says, "If you can change Christmas, you can change the whole year."

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