What To Do With Your Excess Tote Bags: Make Them Into Pillows


A few weeks ago Jaymi noted "Raise you hand if you have as many reusable bags coming out your ears as you did plastic bags a few years ago." We ran a poll on it and a lot of people agreed. Coming back from ICFF I had to do a little triage, keep the Marimekko and the Spanish design and of course the Tom Dixon; (Mocoloco made a contest out of it) I abandoned the rest. But NotCot has the best idea: They have turned them into throw pillows.


I am not certain about the Toyota bag, but the Marimekko on the left looks great. NOTCOT writes:

The reusable bag trend is a bit out of control. They are pretty much the new t-shirt as far as things to put your graphics on. In concept, i love it ~ less plastic bags, less waste, but then a new problem has cropped up, i think i have an unhealthy amount of reusable bags and tote bags that i love too much to part with, but there is no way i can use that many at one time, even with piles in every house, car, bag, etc… What i HAVE needed lately are throw pillows though (i’m working on figuring out what to do with my empty room, so far stuck an ikea couch/bed and a big desk to play with in there)! And whether you want to call it a new way to reuse cotton tote bags, or recession chic, or multipurpose bag/pillow covers… once the random idea popped up i had to try it!


You can set up groupings; this would be "Memories of ICFF." What a wonderful idea from NOTCOT

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