What Kind of Environmentalist Are You? Find Out With The Rainforest Action Network Eco-Test


Here is a fun way to build a mailing list. The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has a clever personality test to figure out what kind of environmentalist you are. When I took it yesterday I was "a classic Treehuggin' Hippie" but today for some reason I am a "fluffy animal defender."

You are a Fluffy Animal Defender.png
They conclude about me:
According to you, there's too many damn humans as it is. You are passionate about protecting defenseless, innocent creatures from human folly, abuse and neglect. You'd rather wear PVC shoes made in China than consider donning the skin of a sweet and cuddly animal friend. Your heart is vast and your principles are impervious to the smell of bacon.

That's not true, I love the smell of bacon. I am much more like the classic TreeHuggin' Hippie:

I represent old school environmentalism. I care deeply for trees, animals, people...the whole kit and caboodle of Planet Earth. I can envision peace for all beings and I do my best to embody that vision each and every day. I may or may not have a gray ponytail, but, either way, I know people who do.

You can't get a result without giving them your email and other information, (a bit intrusive) and they don't like Canadians, rejecting our Postal Codes. But other than that, it is good fun. More at Rainforest Action Network

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