What Green Words Are Obama and McCain Really Saying? Ask SpeechWars


This one's fun for the whole family —— who's talking the green talk? Obama or McCain? And since when? SpeechWars, a nifty research tool developed by Jerusalemite Ben Reis, can help you find out what green words presidential candidates are really using in their speeches, and since when.

Just visit the site, type in your word, hit go and compare. The analyses are based on over 125 speeches downloaded for each candidate from their respective campaign and senatorial websites. And it's such an interesting tool that the US States Library of Congress has selected SpeechWars for inclusion in its official historic collection of Internet materials related to 2008's election.

Before we get to the green stuff, some of the terms that McCain mentions more often than Obama include freedom, values, peace, democracy, human, international, security, leader. Click through for the vocab that dominates Obama's tongue, and to see how our hopefuls fare with "greener" words, like solar, climate, or energy.

Some of the terms that Obama mentions more often than McCain are hope, change, together, college, politics, moment, time, Washington, war.

speechwars keyword solar illustration


energy speechwars illustration


But don't just take our word, try it out for yourself. Warning: it's addictive.

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