What Does "Green" Really Mean?


Words like green or sustainable- what do they really mean? We ponder this in our shiny new headquarters, shown above. We are reading "the Meaning of Everything", about the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary. Editor James Murray asked readers to report ""as many quotations as you can for ordinary words" to find where and when they were used, and cataloged them on slips of paper. In 1882 he had 3,500,000 million of them in 1029 pigeonholes. He didn't catch the new meaning of "green" or "sustainable."

Green is so mushy. Wikipedia thinks it is the same as Sustainable, but William McDonough once said

"We still have people talking about 'sustainability'! Nothing is more boring. Are you proud if your marriage is 'sustainable'?

We need a better word or a better definition. Any suggestions?