What Does Al Gore Have to Do With Football?

Al Gore and Atlanta Falcons Ovie Mughelli Photo

This week former Vice-President Al Gore made a stop by Atlanta last week to talk about...well, climate change. But while he was there, he took the time out to talk to one of the NFLs most green athletes, Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli. Still confused about what this Nobel Peace Prize winner is doing rubbing shoulders with fullbacks? Keeping reading to find out. Sure, pro sports players give back to charity and volunteer and even donate money, but most often these projects have to do with health and sports. So, what makes Ovie Mughelli different? Back in 2008, he started the Ovie Mughelli Foundation to educate kids and youth about the environment and the foundation is doing more than just throwing money at the problem.

"Our Future is Green," the Foundation website proclaims and a quick perusal of the site will leave you with the impression that the Foundation is fun, positive, and actually accomplishing things for the planet. The Foundation does much to entertain and educate kids, while teaching a green message. They partner with "green" experts like Captain Planet, Laura Sydell and Greening Youth, as well as host eco-camps, give out green awards and host environmental speaker series' throughout Atlanta, Charlotte and Charleston, SC (Mughelli's hometown). Each game, Mughelli purchases 40 seats and rewards kids in the program with tickets to games.

While Mughelli doesn't claim to be a green expert, he is making green changes and is encouraging other Atlanta families to do the same. The Foundation is one way to make going green fun, easy and rewarding for kids, who will hopefully bring that green message into their homes. Al Gore met with Mughelli this week to congratulate him for all of the great green work he is doing. :Ovie Mughelli Foundation
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