What do you give to the trick-or-treaters? (Survey)

Trick or treating photo
CC BY 2.0 Kim Woodbridge on Flickr

I was always a grump about Hallowe'en, complaining about the pillowcase full of cheap candy the kids would bring home, getting sick myself from all the Coffee Crisps I would steal. (Really, in Canada they put coffee in chocolate bars)

So when April wrote 10 TreeHugger friendly Halloween candy treats I thought, that's good, at least they are not full of chemicals but they still are pure sugar. Surely, there has to be something better we can do.

So I asked Katherine to write Kids will love these non-candy Halloween treats! and reading, it, think that giving such things out might be an invitation to getting our house egged.

Really, you can't win on this holiday. What do you do in your home?

What do you give to the trick-or-treaters? (Survey)
It's hard, in these days when we worry about sugar and additives and obesity. What to do?

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