What are You Doing About Garbage?


Globe and Mail

Sarah McGauhey and Kyle Glover have a project for 2007: generate absolutely zero waste, no garbage, nothing. According to the Globe and Mail, the project has changed how they shop, eat and work. "Adjusting is hard," Ms. McGaughey says. "You can't get hungry in the middle of the night and go to the convenience store." They are trying it all, down to making their own toothpaste.Read more at Say no to Trash; we will follow their progress.

It is not easy; according to Katrina Miller, co-executive director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, says that even if the couple never reaches their zero-trash goal, simply aiming for it is a wonderful idea. "Everyone knows people who are trying to get into the habit of coming home after every shopping trip with less packaging," says Ms. Miller, who has worked on waste policy for the advocacy organization for the past seven years. "They usually come home frustrated. In the reality of everyday life, the options are few."

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