What a Waste: Now You Can Throw Your Coffeemaker Out With Your Cup

recyclable french press coffee photo

Smart Cup

A french press system makes a good cup of coffee. According to the Smart Cup people, it "places coffee grounds in direct contact with hot water and that offers a larger surface area for extraction. They are then pressed with mesh, not filtered with paper. Coffee brewed with a French Press captures more of the coffee's subtle flavors and essential oils."

And now, you can have the convenience of taking the cup, lid, plunger and mesh screen and throwing the whole thing away after a single use. That's progress!

The inventor, Jeff Baccetti, tells the story:

My wife actually was the inspiration. She was pouring the french press we made in the traditional Bodum french press into a paper cup to take it on the road with us. The idea hit me: There must be a way to make great coffee to go in a paper cup that can be disposed of and does not have to be cleaned up... Two weeks later I had the first drawings complete.

french press recyclable BKoffie photo

Andrea Mohin, the New York Times

It might have been a greater inspiration if she made her Bodum coffee and this idea hit Jeff:

There must be a way to carry a coffee in a reusable container, like a travel mug! Something that doesn't have to be disposed of, for someone else to clean up and separate the plastics from the paper and just give up and send to a landfill!

Seriously. They write that "With the XPress lid, operators can now bring high quality coffee to everyone inexpensively and quickly in a transportable and recyclable/disposable unit" while also noting that vendors can charge an extra buck for the "high end experience" and never explaining in what world this is recyclable. Enough already.

More in the New York Times and Fast Company, who should know better.

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