Whale Wars (Two) Tries to Prevent Deadliest Catch, Again

Sea Shepherd Crew photo

Capt. Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd on land at Arianna Huffington's. Photo via Animal Planet by Amanda Edwards.

To celebrate the second season of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars," Captain Paul Watson and his stalwart Sea Shepherd crew, and the production team took a break to mingle with supporters at Arianna Huffington's soiree in her Brentwood home. Animal Planet and Discovery Network execs were on hand with vegan mini-burgers in-hand to toast the channel's hit show. Crew regaled rapt partygoers about the controversial high-seas confrontation, which returns on air Friday, June 5 at 9 p.m.
Previews of the second seasons of Whale Wars on Animal Planet.

Over clinking drinks, video screens played graphic previews of the next seven chapters in the series, which documents efforts to stop minke and fin hunting in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The anti-whaling drama continues with collisions in Antarctica's seas, capsized dinghies, a broken gyro, dangerous tactics, 50-foot waves, and seasickness. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Steve Irwin not only battles the 750-ton Japanese whaling ship but meets up with the Australian Federal Police who seize hours of video and launch an investigation.

Sea Shepherd First Mate photo

Former NBC producer, SS First Mate Peter Brown giving "deadliest catch" new meaning. Photo by RCruger.
Whale Meat: Tasty Tradition or Outright Slaughter?

The swag was a mini-can of red "whale meat" licorice, with an explanation of the fight over whaling between the activists and whalers: whaling is barbaric and illegal vs. whaling is part of a cultural heritage. "No one has the right to criticize the food culture of another people," says Matayuki Komatsu of Japan's Fisheries Agency.

The other side says there's no longer a reason to hunt whales when petroleum has replaced whale oil, whale meat isn't required for survival, especially considering the intelligence and complexity of whales' lives, as well as their suffering when harpooned. But words fall short in describing scenes from the show. Even treehugger readers are torn on the issue.

The whalers claim it's for scientific research and refuse to cut whale hunting quotas - though didn't reach them last year, some believe at least in part because of Sea Shepherd's interference.

whale wars party photo

The Captain with host Huffington and AP Prez Marjorie Kaplan. Photo by Amanda Edwards

After the 250 guests left her home, Huffington posted that the gathering a success: "Just finished a great event at my home for Whale Wars. So many wonderful people from Animal Planet. Don't miss it on Friday."

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Whale Wars (Two) Tries to Prevent Deadliest Catch, Again
To celebrate the second season of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars," Captain Paul Watson and his stalwart Sea Shepherd crew, and the

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