Weyerhaeuser Illegally Logging in Canada

A bit of sad news. We try to leave most of that to others, but sometimes when regular citizens and good organizations do investigative work to uncover some evil done on nature, we can't help but lend them a hand to help expose the problem and denounce the guilty party. In this case, Weyerhaeuser is in the spotlight. The Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the Rainforest Action Network and locals citizens of Saskatchewan have found out that the company is logging illegally in the Canadian Boreal forest to make plywood and copy paper (for Xerox and other US corporations). "Saskatchewan: The Province of Weyerhaeuser" is the case study. "Most people associate illegal logging with endangered forests in South America, Southeast Asia and Central Africa and are shocked to learn that it is going on in their own back yard right here in North America," said Brant Olson of Rainforest Action Network. If you live in Saskatchewan, it might be a good idea to tell your MP about this.

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