We're All Going on a Summer Holloway

Bands instigating green tours is nothing new to TreeHugger, but we love it anyway. We've seen Gomez striking a green note in association with Clif Bar, we've seen MTV green it's $2 Bill tour, and we've covered Jack Johnson's impressive sustainability efforts on his summer tour. We've even covered the Ditty Bop's touring by bike, and musicians Red Hunter, Jana Hunter and Ray Raposa travelling the coast by sailboat. Now we hear from the UK that The Holloways, apparently this year's must-see band for the summer, will be touring the country's sea side resorts in an effort to promote green, domestic tourism as part Friends of the Earth UK's Big Ask campaign. Band member Bryn Fowler described their mission:

"We want to show you can go on holiday with a minimal carbon outlay and still have a great time. British seaside towns have been dying for years and now is the time to bring these great towns out."

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