Wend Magazine's Digital Version Is Cut Free

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Photos: From Wend magazine - Winter 2009-2010

We're big fans of Wend Magazine. It's immerses its readers in the wild outdoor environments, in diverse cultural environments, and in the broader environmental challenges facing the planet. Wend is a travel magazine, sure, but it takes the path less travelled. It goes by foot, bicycle, ski, canoe, sail and other more environmentally benign, yet exciting and engaging means of transport.

Last week it decided to take another largely untrammeled trail, with an announcement that its digital version of the magazine for Free. No cost. Zilch. Nada, Zero.

wend sea kayaking photo

They say, "We are proud of our print magazine, but we aren't shackled by it." For, as Wend explain in detail, the print version is thriving.

" ... in the midst of what naysayers call a dying industry, Wend, an independent publication on a shoestring budget, is growing. And here's why: Instead of compromising our product to be a print rendition of an internet page we are going the other direction and embracing our medium for all it's worth. As other magazines shrink, Wend is getting longer. We prioritize compelling, full-page photos and long-form nonfiction stories over mash-ups and fluffy product reviews. Printed on exceptionally high-quality FSC-certified recycled paper, our print edition is the jewel of coffee tables across the world; a journal of the best outdoor-adventure writing getting published today."

Not only can you access the current digital issue of Wend Magazine for free, but also all the digital archives to boot.

Where else are you going discover that in 2008 three million dollars of US federal funds were spent on researching the health impacts of climate change. The same amount of money that was paid for photos of actor Matthew McConaughey's new son! Or that in 2007, 47 ski resorts in the European Alps failed to open because they had insufficient snow. Climate Change, anyone? Or that mountaintop coal mining lowers a mountain equivalent to twice the height of the Statue of Liberty, and just forest removed alone creates carbon emissions equal to having 300,000 cars on the road?

Stiv Wilson, writes in the editorial of the current issue: "Some people call Wend an adventure journal, while others know us best as a green website. Many see the Wend Team as a group of environmental activists. We'll we're all of those things."
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