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Wend Magazine is currently offering yearly subscription of the mag in digital format for a paltry $5. Five dollars! Talk about a no-brainer. So run, Don’t meander, wander, amble, stroll, saunter, traipse, mosey, or tootle over to Wend’s website to sign up. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up. If TreeHugger were to publish a magazine focussed on the great outdoors, travel, action sports and associated green issues, we’d be hard pressed to do a better job than Wend. They even have a dedicated section called the Greenery that scoops stuff that often slips through our own net. Like Soupcycle, the business that delivers handmade, organic soup by bike! Or the piece on how energy bars sales from $200 million USD to more than $1 billion in just a half dozen years. That’s a heap of wrappers destined for landfill. But how old friends of TreeHugger, such as: Clif Bar, TerraCycle, Matisse and Jack’s, are tackling the issue of energy bar wrapper waste. And those examples are just from Wend’s online presence.

Online Magazine
The Magazine itself has so much more. It’s 100 pages packed with just the sort of words and photography that make eco leaning outdoors enthusiast go ... err ...green with envy. Take for example, the current issue: A sailing expedition to the center of a marine plastic eco-disaster, the North Pacific Gyre. Karl Busby crossing the Bering strait on foot on his round-the-world walk. How Israeli and Palestinian surfers have found common ground in surfing. Backcountry skiing in Japan. An excellent round-up on how technical apparel fabrics for active sports have been going through an eco makeover. Get the inside running on the Leave No Trace program. And the amazing Kevin Connolly chronicles the world in photographs taken from a ground level perspective.

With your special $5 subscription you can view Wend online in Virtual Paper. Skip pages, search for keywords, change the viewing size, print pages (preferably to PDF) of interest and more. It's easy. And all paper-free.

Or, alternatively if you want to read it Wend offline, you can. From within Virtual Paper, just hit the ‘Save as PDF’ button and download the whole thing. (Be aware though that it is a way, way big file - around 100 MB!)

So if you want a little adventure, inspiration and activism, all with a healthy green tinge, then take up Wend on their special offer. ::Wend Magazine
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