Welcome to week 4 of the Slate Green Challenge


We all know how good it feels to go out on the town in a new outfit, so why not show it off to your whole neighborhood? Line-drying your clothing not only saves money, but also decreases your yearly carbon emissions up to 350 pounds per person per year. Likewise, running your washer on cold and only when it is full could save an additional 200pounds of CO2 emissions per person per year. A little effort can make a big difference and reducing your impact on the Earth will help you feel as great as you look!

For more ways to curb your carbon appetite, join The Slate Green Challenge with TreeHugger. Beginning with a carbon emission footprint quiz, the challenge will continue with information on several lifestyle topics related to reducing your CO2 output, such as taking a peek inside your closet, which this week’s installment does. (Other segments address water, electricity, holiday shopping, and more.) Join in anytime on the collective effort to reduce our overall footprint by 20 percent. Did we mention the prize? The first 500 people who complete the Challenge will receive a T-shirt from our generous friends and sponsor at I’m Organic. Happy dieting! ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 4: Wardrobe

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