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We often wonder if the green movement is really having any impact or if it is all just a flavor of the month. Perhaps an indicator might be what is happening in the schools; In Canada, applications to environmental programs are way up, even doubling in some schools.

According to Siri Agrell in the Globe and Mail: The increased interest is the product of greater awareness of issues such as global warming, but also due to a growing contingent of role models for environmentally inclined teenagers who idolize people such as David Suzuki, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore. The students see green not just as a cause but as a calling.

"We don't want to screw ourselves over any more," [18 year old student] Ms. Green said. "We need to be prescient thinkers right now, whether it's to have a good job or to really think about the future."

More from the Globe:

But even as environmental programs begin to produce star alumni, some parents worry that there is no guarantee you'll get rich while fixing the planet.

"There's no regard for what the income will be. I always say, 'Hang on a second here, what about law school? What about medicine?' " Mr. Couture said of his stepdaughter, Ms. McNally. [at Stanford] "But it's only thinking about what she can do for mankind."

He and his wife Kristine Eidsvik, an Alberta judge, say they will most likely have to work until they are 80 to pay for Ms. McNally's education, and joke that they are giving her as their "contribution to the global warming problem."

But even though he at times worries about Ms. McNally entering a field that has no real income model, Mr. Couture said her passion gives him confidence about the future.

"If we have young talented people wanting to do this, maybe the problem is not so insurmountable," he said. "Their optimism at 19 is through the roof - anything is possible for them and solving this problem is very real." ::Globe and Mail

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