"Weird Eco Habits" Contest Sneek Peak: Urban Chicken Coop

With only a week to go in our "Weird Eco Habits" contest, we thought it might be time to give all of you faithful TreeHuggers a glimpse into some of the fantastic entries we have been receiving. The first of these sneak peeks takes us to Seattle, where TreeHugger Brad Hole has used recycled materials to create a very unique urban chicken coop. Brad told us, "I just finished building a chicken coop for my urban backyard in Seattle. Who says you can't raise chickens in the city?!"


Brad scavenged wooden pallets from a neighbor, a plastic dome sign from a defunct healthfood store, and a used curtain rod (for the roost) to build most of the coop structure. Only the chicken wire, nails, and staples had to be store-bought. By using mostly reclaimed materials, he wasn't only able to make the coop eco-friendly, he was able to build it on the cheap. "Total investment was around $40.00 which shouldn't take me long to RE-COOP in eggs when they start laying." Raising chickens in the city? What a cool "weird" eco habit.

If you have an eco habit your friends, neighbors, or family think is weird, let us know and you could walk away with a prize package from Greenloop. Email us at: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com by November 25th and let us know what your "weird" eco habit is!