Weeds Season Three Goes Green: A DVD Review

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The third season of the laughter-laden series Weeds by Showtime®, about dealing wacky tabacky in the California suburbs is available on DVD. We were lucky enough to receive a copy for review and if you didn’t see it on the small screen when it first came out, now is the time to watch it. It’s packed with hilarious moments, lots of references to hybrid cars and an amazing cast which features Matthew Modine and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Apart from side-splitting laughter and edge of your seat action, one of the nicest touches of this DVD (or Blue Ray if you have it) set is that the packaging has been greenified. Can we say greenified? The trays are made of 100 percent recycled materials and each tray can be recycled. Additionally, the paper used for the DVD packaging is made from 100 percent recycled fibers and is recyclable and compostable.
The greener packaging does follow eco-design principles by using recycled and recyclable materials and also by making it easy to dismantle. If you do decide to recycle the DVD case (not sure if that actually happens) you can easily pop the plastic trays out to separate it from the paper component, making it easy to separate and throw in the recycle bins.

Lionsgate tells us that by using 100 percent recycled water bottles for the trays on the initial production run of Weeds Season Three , approximately 500,000 water bottles were prevented from ending up in the landfill. And to top that all off they say that the recycled tray uses less than 10 percent of the energy to make one from virgin materials.

Kudos to Weeds: Season Three for going greener with their packaging design. Maybe for Season Four they can go bigger and better by making the DVD case without the plastic trays, like one well-known Oscar-winning-documentary. We’ll be waiting anxiously for Season Four.

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