Webby Winners Don't Mince Words on Gulf Disaster

gottfried and duck photo

Webby winner Gilbert Gottfried's insurance duck cried fowl - "Who needs five words?" Photos courtesy of Webby Awards
BP got lambasted by Congress with lengthy tirades yesterday after the CEO apologized profusely for the oil gusher's devastation to the Gulf region. But at the Webby Awards this week, honoring the Best on the Internet, recipients gushed about the gusher. Though limited to five-word acceptance speeches, several took the opportunity for some good digs, getting to the point succinctly and cleverly to air grievances. All About Birds the winner for Lifestyle said: "Save the Gulf Coast birds!" Here's what others said, starting with Green Porno star Isabella Rossellini's choice few words:

Winner for Best Individual Performance, actress Isabella Rossellini said to expect more perversion from her Green Porno shorts about the sex lives of insects on the Sundance Channel. With brilliant brevity her thank you speech summed up the oily situation: "I say, plug the hole!"

For Best Youth website, National Geographic Kids took the prize and grabbed the chance to say: "Kids think oil spills suck!"

"Oil and waterlife don't mix!" said the winner for the Best Documentary episode from the National Film Board of Canada's "Waterlife."

And another from 99 Designs, getting a word in for royalty-free stock photos and against the oil giant: "BP Suck. Fotolia Rock. Donate." All to say, this growing slick and eco-devastation is ever-pressing on our minds.

muppets ok go photo

OK Go spoke: ok, go net neutrality and viral video fave The Muppets sang: "Another Webby bites the dust."

In the Activism category, Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation took the Webby prize for its work building sustainable and affordable housing for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Among the many other awards, the best political blog winner was the Huffington Post, TED got the Event prize and Radio/Podcasts, and Colbert Nation won for Telecommunications. And in the Movie and Film category, District 9 took the People's Voice, saying "Even illegal aliens have rights!" You can watch the winners speeches on YouTube.

In the Green category, Love Letters to the Future got both the Webby jury and people's votes. Other worthy nominees included Yoink!, Waterlife (listed above) Road Map to Harmony, Million Baby Crawl. Check out what David Suzuki and others would say to their great-grandchildren about the state of the planet. And send your own letter.

My five words: Time for Renewable Energy Law.

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