Weather Report: The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology


The programming at The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology is going from strength to strength with the opening of their third show this year: Weather Report. This art gallery in London is the physical headquarters of the environmental website Adventure Ecology. The Gallery's first exhibition, Waste and the Natural World, made physical connections between the virtual online world and the real world by selecting works from the online Saatchi Gallery. The second show, last month, Waste and the Lost World: Momento Mori, continued exploring the theme of our disposible culture and it's effects on the environment. This new show, however, changes tack moving from the remenants of what we leave behind to more ephemeral things, namely the weather. The show's concept starts with this quote from Mike Hulme, Professor in Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, and director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change. "For meteorologists, clouds are the most ephemeral of weather phenomena...and continue to hold a fascination for the general public. While clouds play a crucial role for artists, for scientists trying to understand the way the world's climate system works, they are the most frustrating and intractable of elements to tackle. They best embody the tentativeness of our predictions of future climate...."


Weather Report shows the beautiful work of two artists, Dawn Shorten and Kate Williams. Dawn's monochrome drawings on drafting film echo the traditional landscapes of Constable, Turner and the Dutch master, but with a minimal, contemporary twist. She describes the cloudscapes she captures as "An irresistible challenge for an artist to explore something which is so elusive and visually ambiguous to portray." Kate William's sculptural installations are more conceptual, using glass and light to evoke weather effects such as lightening storms. She says, "I attempt through the medium of glass, using my breath and gentle manipulation, to capture nature's elements."

With weather patterns playing an increasingly crucial role in our lives through climate change, it is interesting to see this art exhibition showing new creative perspectives on our environment. :: Adventure Ecology Weather Report, 25 April—24 May 2007, The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology HQ, 125 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H OEW.