WeAreWhatWeDo Change the World for a Fiver


• Learn basic First Aid
• Spend time with someone from a different generation
• Put your gum in the bin
• Grow something with a child
• Have a bath with someone you love
• Decline plastic bags whenever you can
• Learn to be friendly in another language,...

50 actions like these to change the world and make you feel good and all just for £5 in We Are What We Do's fantastic book Change the World for a Fiver. We Are What We Do is a Community Links project and they believe in acting local and thinking global. They are not a charity but 'a new kind of movement - a movement with attitude.' Their mission is not to raise money but to shift attitudes and day-to-day behaviour. And that's exactly what this book does to you, it charms you and makes you feel good by making you do good. Plant a tree! Learn one good joke! Shop locally! Don't overfill your kettle! Buy the book! Tell them your ideas! ::We Are What We Do via ::Camí del Canvi