We Love You Too, Reddit Environment!

Reddit Environment image

Reddit's Alien is Hitting on Us
As you can see from the screen grab above, Reddit Environment has a special logo today. We think it's very cool, and want to assure the Reddit team that the love is mutual! In fact, if you check the right side of the image above, you'll see a Reddit bookmark in my browser.

Reddit? What's That? Sounds like a Frog Noise
For those of you who don't know yet what reddit is, you need to check it out. We have a little primer below...Our social web guru Chris Tackett explains:

"Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows you to share stories you think deserve more attention.

Registered users submit items they like or find important, and other users can vote on them (positive or negative). The community wins out, so if a lot of users vote that they like a story, it'll get a lot of traffic. But if someone submits a story that the majority of the community doesn't like, it'll be voted down.

So, basically, if you think a story here on TreeHugger or elsewhere online is important, you submit it to Reddit and if someone has already submitted it before you, you just click the up arrow, which will help more people have a chance to see the story."

Each post on TreeHugger has a little Reddit button right below the title (see this post, for example), so that makes it easy to submit and vote. We also have buttons to Digg and Yahoo Buzz, two other social bookmarking sites, and if you click on "Share This", you'll get more options.

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