We Did a Lot of Tweeting in 2012

TreeHugger year on Twitter Vizify/Screen capture

If you're a heavy Twitter user (guilty!), you'll appreciate this fun tool from the folks at Vizify. If you input your Twitter handle, Vizify will generate a "My Year in Twitter" visualization that shows you a bunch of neat data on your Twitter usage throughout 2012, including frequency of tweets, common keywords, and particularly interesting which tweets were your most popular.

I ran a report for TreeHugger's Twitter account and it was no surprise to see that TreeHugger tweeted the most about climate change and design. Other popular topics were cities, bikes and gardens. You can see a screenshot of the TreeHugger Year in Twitter above and interact with the entire report here. Unfortunately, Vizify (or more likely Twitter) can only go back 3,200 tweets, which for us means only gets us back to June 2012, so our "Year in Twitter" is more like our "7 Months on Twitter". But, in any case, it is a neat way to look back and see what resonated with readers throughout the year.

I was glad to see that our most popular tweet was about youth and climate change:

While the warming trend is no doubt alarming, it was encouraging to see so many people helping to share this news. If you're on Twitter, please follow us and say hello!

We Did a Lot of Tweeting in 2012
Vizify lets Twitter users visualize some of their 2012 Twitter data.

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