We Add Up Asks Schools to Compete for Garden Kits

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Image credit: Samuel Mann/Flickr

It seems that We Add Up is always pushing some fun and innovative new campaign to raise awareness and encourage action. If they're not designing a cool new t-shirt, they're biking across the country: Always in an effort to curb climate change.

Now, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, We Add Up is launching a fundraising contest: The school that raises the most money will win a complete garden kit from Natural Yards.The program, We Add Up explains, allows school environmental clubs to raise money for their projects through a product they can feel good about. Too often, these clubs are forced to sell fundraising items that come into conflict with their core values. We Add Up is providing a fun and appealing alternative.

To encourage participation, We Add Up is offering a complete container gardening kit from Natural Yards, worth $1,500, to the winning team. Other prizes and cash awards are also up for grabs.

To find out more, head over to We Add Up.

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